Problem toes

What I imagine my toes might say, if they could talk. As usual, click for large.

[Description: Black and white line drawing of two feet; all of the toes have gleeful facial expressions, and a few of them have dialogue lines. Third left toe: “My nail grows at a weird angle”; Big left toe: “My large calluses will never go away, Ped Egg or no”; Big right toe: “The joint just below me will hurt in cold weather, and you will have no idea why!”; Smallest left toe: “My nail grows at a 45-degree angle!”]

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2 thoughts on “Problem toes

  1. Ouyang Dan says:

    I love your drawings.

    I read somewhere that feet are really hard to draw. I know I have a hard time with them, and I love how you turned the nails into mouths. Ace!

  2. toemailer says:

    Talking toes? Maybe they would like to send us some toemail, lol. We don’t, however, quite have the technology for voice toemail just yet 🙂
    Fun picture!

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