The Conversationalist: Long Covid Skepticism is a Slippery Slope

Tastefully Rude: So you’ve decided to “live your life” now that you think Covid is over…

Yes! Magazine: New Book Says it’s Time to Move Beyond Disability Rights and Embrace Disability Justice

The Disability Visibility Project: Two years into the pandemic, I’m not sure if I can trust nondisabled people anymore

Bitch (co-written with s.e. smith): Language Wars: Callouts Obscure Vital Truths About Disabilities

Disabled Writers: Pop culture criticism: A how-to for beginners

Bitch: In Heaven’s Name: A New Documentary Revisits a Notorious, Misunderstood Cult

Bitch: 30 Years After the ADA, It’s Time to Imagine a More Accessible Future

Greatist: How Do You Stop Being Afraid of Everything During a Pandemic?

Bitch: Glamour Shots: #HospitalGlam Pulls Back the Curtain on Disability and Beauty

Rooted in Rights: In Defense of Slacktivism

Bitch: Fake it Off: Reddit’s r/IllnessFakers Community and the Politics of Disbelief

Talk Poverty: Opioid Crackdowns Punish Chronic Pain Patients Without Fixing the Crisis

The Daily Dot: Netflix’s Special Deftly Balances Comedy and Disability Representation

Pens & Needles: Not Just Hay Fever

Rooted in Rights: Stop Telling Chronic Pain Patients That We Should Just Accept Our Pain

Bitch: Feminists Need to Fight For Chronically Ill Women, Too

Shondaland: I Don’t Want to Be Your “Inspiration”

Teen Vogue: Why I Continue to Take Opioids For My Chronic Pain

Bustle: I Use Opioid Medication to Manage Chronic Pain, But I’m Not to Blame For the “Opioid Epidemic”

Bitch Media: Review of Beauty Sick by Renee Engeln, PhD

Bitch Media: Review of Living a Feminist Life by Sara Ahmed, PhD

The Daily Dot: “Fixed” Explores Whether Disability is Really Something We Need to Fix

The Daily Dot: How To Sell Women Their Own Exploitation

The Toast: A Cartoon About Perfume

Bitch Media: Disability Archetypes–Supercrip

Bitch Media: Disability Chic? (Temporary) Disability in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” 

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