Comments Policy

I know this comment policy will probably seem pretty harsh, and I don’t mean to scare anyone off, but given some (*ahem*) past internet-goings on, I figure it’s better to lay out the policy first so that people understand where I am coming from. You are also free to not comment on or read any of my posts!

This is a blog that I run with my own money, and I therefore reserve the right to run it as I see fit. So:

1. Don’t whine about how your free speech rights aren’t being respected if I choose to give you a warning or delete your comments; I moderate my threads with an iron fist for many reasons (mainly because this is, ya know, my blog). I’m sure that there are plenty of places on the internet where you can be an ass if you so choose, but this isn’t it. If you’re still unclear about why my modding style is so strict, please read this post.

2. I really, really don’t care if you don’t believe that the chronic illness that I have exists. I have it, and if you doubt that it exists, you probably don’t have it or don’t know someone with it. Please avoid bending my ear with your crackpot theory about how if only people with fibromyalgia would just, like, stop whining, or get out of bed, or take vitamins, they’d be instantly better! Again, I am sure that there are places on the vast internet that will be happy to indulge your “theories.” This is not the place.

3. Sexist, anti-feminist, racist, homophobic, queerphobic, classist, transphobic, fatphobic, or ableist comments/language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you choose to break this rule, you will be banned.

4. Be civil. If you have criticism or constructive feedback, don’t couch it in personal or ad hominem attacks.

5. Staying on-topic is appreciated and encouraged. For some humorous examples of derailing and why it’s not a good idea, see Derailing For Dummies.

6. 101-level questions are okay to ask sometimes, but please keep in mind that due to other commitments (work, taking care of my health, and various non-blogging things), I may take a while to answer your question(s).

7. Comments are currently under full moderation for very specific reasons. Whining about being in the mod queue, furthermore, will not help you get out of mod faster.

8. A word regarding ads! Sometimes, WordPress puts extremely goofy ads on the mobile version of this site; unfortunately, I have no say in what ads they run, hence the ridiculous and recent ad for one of the Duck Dynasty dudes’ new show. Sorry about that.

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