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Anna Hamilton is a nonbinary (she/they) writer and humorist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She was the Managing Editor of Disability Intersections from 2013 to 2019. She was also a founding columnist at FWD//Feminists With Disabilities from 2009 to 2011. Her work has appeared in Bitch Magazine, when language runs dry, Global Comment, Talk Poverty, Rooted in Rights, Teen Vogue, the Daily Dot, and Shondaland, among other places.

They have appeared on Bitch media’s podcast (alongside s.e. smith) and were featured as Lip Magazine’s Feminist of the Week in 2013. Their essay “Waiting” was reprinted in the 2014 anthology Criptiques. One of their short comics, “Invisibly Ill,” was included in the 2020 When Language Runs Dry anthology.

If you like random photos, stuff that may not quite fit on this blog, and song lyrics, you can also take a look at their (currently on-hiatus) Tumblr. For brevity, Twitter. For photos, Instagram.

Questions, inquiries, commission requests, requests for interviews, comments and miscellany can be directed to hamdotblog[@]gmail[.]com (minus the brackets).

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