About/Contact Information

Annaham is the online nickname of Anna Hamilton, a writer/editor/sort-of cartoonist living in the West.

Most of her creative work is about topics close to her heart, which includes: music, disability rights, feminism and gender studies, food, politics, film, popular culture, books, art, cartoons, and small dogs.

She currently serves as the Managing Editor of Disability Intersections. She was also a (somewhat) regular columnist at FWD//Feminists With Disabilities during its heyday, and has contributed both written and illustrated material to such sources as Bitch Magazine (both the online and print editions) the ‘zine when language runs dry, Global Comment, xoJane, and Tiger Beatdown.

If you like random photos, stuff that may not quite fit on this blog, and song lyrics, you can also take a look at her Tumblr. For brevity, Twitter.

Questions, inquiries, commission requests, requests for interviews or written work, comments and miscellany can be directed to hamdotblog[@]gmail[.]com (minus the brackets, of course).

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