Questions You May Have

Who do you think you are, anyway? You can find out more at my About page.

COMMENTS ARE OFF, WHY CAN’T I COMMENT? MY FREE SPEECH IS BEING VIOLATED!!!!! I don’t really feel like dealing with comments right now. This site is not run by the U.S. government–it’s run by me, a private citizen, so your free speech is not being violated. If you have feedback, please feel free to email me.

Your blog used to be called “ham blog.” Why is it now called Too Much Tea? I wanted a better name for the blog. I was inspired by Kroll Show’s Oh, Hello and TOO MUCH TUNA. I also drink a lot of tea, so: Too Much Tea.

Have you considered that you might be scaring away potential allies with your anger/writing style/very existence? Indeed I have, and the time has come for me to stop caring.

Annaham, your cartoons are terribly drawn/unfunny/too weird/too focused on your health problems for me to understand. REMEDY THIS NOW. Perhaps Family Circus or For Better or For Worse might be more enjoyable for you.

What’s up with the weird ads on your site? Sometimes, WordPress puts extremely goofy ads on the mobile version of this site; unfortunately, I have no say in what ads they run, hence the ridiculous recent ad for one of the Duck Dynasty dudes’ new show. I’m not getting paid to run these ads, which adds an even more asinine layer to all of this.

I enjoy your work and would like to support it. Do you have a Patreon? No, as I am absolutely horrendous at thinking up cool rewards that are not pictures of my dog. I do have a ko-fi page, however.

Are you available to write something for my publication, draw something for me, or talk to me for an interview? Perhaps! Depending on how busy I am at any given time, I may have to decline your offer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! Please email me at hamdotblog AT gmail[.]com with your request. I try to respond to all emails within 1-2 weeks; your patience is appreciated. I strongly prefer to be compensated if you ask me to do something that involves work of the writing/editing, cartooning, or consulting sort; please email me for details. I am happy to do interviews and podcast episodes for free, however.

Can I reprint a blog post that you’ve written, or post one of your drawings on my site or blog? Pull-quotes (ie: not a whole post, but an excerpt of a paragraph or two) are fine if you link back here, but please do not post my work on another site (yours or someone else’s) in full. For anthology reprint requests, please email me at hamdotblog AT gmail[.]com so that we may discuss compensation and related topics further. Please link back here via text if you want to link one or more of my cartoons, instead of posting my drawings on your site.

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