Today in “Missing the point, rather spectacularly”

From the mod queue on this post, which is almost a month old:

Really! So limiting “hate” speech is OK? This is a great concept until the opposition gains power and limits your speech as “hate” speech. Who ever your opposition is. Whether you like lesbians or hate lesbians, like straights hate straights, like the left hate the left, like white people hate white people, like black people hate black people, this is s slippery slope. When one becomes egocentric and can only tolerate their own point of view, then you they have joined an elite group that includes: Nazi’s (killed millions), Soviet communists (killed millions), Chinese communists (killed millions), KKK (killed thousands). Your hatred of hate speech as you define it, is no different. The message is this, be careful in imposing your will on others, it sometimes turns out badly!

I read this comment and I think, “This person did not read the damn post, because nowhere did I say that speech should be limited.” Calling people out for saying bigoted shit and/or when they jump to “free speech means I can say whatever I want, without getting called on it” is not the same thing as legislating what can and cannot be said.  Anyone with a basic understanding of what free speech actually means, and, uh, logic knows this. Also, LOL at slippery slope argument, and putting words in my mouth.

Reading comprehension: get you some.

3 thoughts on “Today in “Missing the point, rather spectacularly”

  1. Garland Grey says:

    Anna, just do what I do: When I read or hear the phrase “slippery slope” I zone out and start thinking about what color to paint my office. If a person can’t understand that advocating a nuanced solution to a problem is NOT the same as advocating the most extreme, nightmare MAD MAX Beyond Thunderdome scenario that might result from that solution, then they don’t deserve your time.

    Garland Grey

  2. Kowalski says:



    Willful ignorance is a very special kind of hostility I can never get used to.

  3. whatsername says:

    It’s that reading carefully and critical thinking bit so many people don’t seem willing to do… *sigh*

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