So as long as the neighbors are keeping me up, here’s some MST3K

Circus on Ice, one of the classic shorts! The entire thing is worth watching, because it starts out weird and keeps getting funnier from there.

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3 thoughts on “So as long as the neighbors are keeping me up, here’s some MST3K

  1. Geo M. says:

    Always a surefire way to invoke childhood nostalgia in me. I’m not aware of ever having seen this short though, so thank you. MST3K gushing is about to ensue: sorry in advance.

    If I am to take your tags at face value, I think it reveals your favorite part of the robot roll call. I always did get pumped up over the background “what a cool guy” for Tom Servo, but I digress.

    Don’t get me wrong, Crow was—by and large—my runaway favorite. I once made him in ceramic bowl form, back in elementary school, if that’s any indication.

    My empathy is yours over the neighbor asshattery, by the way. Years ago, living in military barracks gave me similar experiences many a weekend.

  2. Ouyang Dan says:

    “Yes, it’s sexist male fantasies in ice!”

    I have always loved that show!

    When I was at my “A” school in the Navy I had a Leading Petty Officer, who, incidentally was named Joel, who looked like the original Joel from MST3K. Combined with the fact that he was fond of reading us Jack Handy quotes at our morning muster, those of us who were MST3K fans had a hard time keeping straight faces.


  3. MsFeasance says:

    Mr. Feasance and I discovered that there is streaming MST3K on Netflix Instant Viewing. Productivity has decreased accordingly.

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