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When I blogged about Evelyn Evelyn for FWD over a month ago — critiquing it from a feminist disability perspective — I got all manner of off-topic reactions, including derails, a bunch of abled people showing up to tell me how things really are and/or spewing their privilege all over the place, and death threats.

When Amanda Palmer got blogged about on a few days ago, she got an interview with the New York Times…about feminism. She referred to this on Twitter as “life/lemonade!”

So, what sort of lemonade am I supposed to make from death threats? Or from Palmer herself recently making the very existence of disabled feminists into a joke on Australian television?

For the record, I have yet to be contacted by any mainstream press outlet regarding my views on feminism, and my contact info is easily available. I am pretty sure that these same press outlets have yet to contact Lauredhel or Sparkymonster, both of whom have eloquently critiqued some of the less savory things that Palmer has treated us to in recent weeks.

And: cue comments here telling me that I shouldn’t be so invested in getting press or furthering my own goals or anything. Obviously, that’s for famous people only, not feminists with disabilities who don’t get paid for raising these issues (and then get heaped with abusive comments for even speaking up). I’ve spent a vast amount of time thinking and writing about this stuff — and disability feminism, too — but, of course, it’s just a hobby, whereas Palmer has a job creating art, and why aren’t I spending my time on more important disability issues?

Because all of this has affected me in a manner that is deeply fucking personal, that’s why. I am not going to apologize for finally wanting to consider my own bottom line in all of this, particularly when I’ve given so much of my time and energy to this “internet controversy” — only to get hit with what is, quite frankly, a bunch of bigoted crap.

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8 thoughts on “For your consideration

  1. Kowalski says:

    Congrats on your new URL!

    And yeah, Amanda Palmer… *SIGH*

    The whole Fail seemed to start with a stage performance in which she raped a Katy Perry lookalike. (See this post by Pharaoh Katt.)

    I hope the interviewer will ask her about that as well.

  2. sparkymonster says:

    I wish I had the capacity to be surprised by the death threats. I’m appalled, but sadly not at all surprised. I’m really sorry that some people think the appropriate answer to a critique is to (literally) want to kill the messenger.

    My post did get linked by Jezebel and Racialicious, which startled me. I didn’t expect to get major attention for something that, to me, feels like I’m stating the obvious. Showing pictures of what the Klan stands for isn’t a sophisticated analysis.

  3. EKSwitaj says:

    It’s funny (where funny = sad and upsetting) who gets to be paid for their expressions and who is considered important/authoritative, huh?

  4. Jesse the K says:

    Second on your sparkly domain name.

    I want you to know how much I appreciate the effort you’ve put into framing the issues re: the Evelyn/Evelyn project. Your rhetoric has been informed by what I think of as feminist values: focus on the words, not the person saying them. Analyze the context. Actively seek intersectionality.

    It’s scary how readily people respond with violence completely disproportional to the subject at hand.

    In addition to the usual list of suspects, I blame the martial metaphors our society uses for every darn thing: “war” on drugs; “fighting” cancer; “rally the troops” to gain support.

  5. Ouyang Dan says:

    Thirding the shiny new domain name, and welcome to WP!

    FWIW, I have stood in awe of your amazing ability to withstand the fallout from this, and also of your thought on all of it to begin with. You do, of course, know that I support you in all of it. And if you need someone to yell loudly at your side, let me know.

    It is funny the ways some celebrities can not be bothered to look at things from a nuanced perspective, and can only spring forth from the backs of those who will be hurt the most from their gain.

  6. Garland Grey says:

    Putting aside your own bottom line for a moment – the fact that there was a controversy, and they didn’t consult both parties represents lazy, stupid journalism. They should have spoken to you, instead of the abled party, who has made every effort to marginalize you.

    Also, I can’t watch the Australian TV thing all the way through, because when she tells the story as if it is factual, it makes me profoundly uncomfortable.

    In short: Hate her, Love you.

  7. Michael says:

    It’s beating a dead horse at this stage.

    The album is out now, and it is also on tour. There is no putting the rabbit back in the hat.

    Tha album has been reviewed favourably, with no one in the general populace really considering it some slight on disabled people but taking it for what it is at face value. A piece of fictional concept work like many other albums that have come before it.

    The death threats are unfortunate, but there will always be a few bad eggs when you tackle a group with a very loyal following.

    • Annaham says:

      Not seeing where I suggested putting the rabbit back in the hat, but okay. And as for the “general populace” comment — is that supposed to deter me from saying anything (too late now, lol)?

      Also, this post was written a couple of weeks ago. It’s my blog, therefore I can “beat the dead horse” if I like.

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