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[Description: Line drawing of a woman in a bed, sitting up against the pillows as her eyes—popping out of her head—focus on her body parts, which have detached from their sockets and are floating around the room.]

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OF COURSE it’s time for meds, if a rocketship crashes into your head

[Image description: A line drawing of a young woman with a quizzical facial expression who has a rocket embedded in the left side of her head. A thought bubble to her right reads, “It’s time for Vicodin.”]

Ink on paper, 2009.

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I am going to start blogging here full-time!

Image description: black and white image; a woman with shoulder-length hair reclines on a bed. She is wearing dark lip gloss, a sequined skirt, fence net tights, and a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt, and brandishes a cane toward the camera.


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