Wearing fuchsia lipstick: Not the apex of self-acceptance, but it helps

[Image of Annaham, a young woman with dark blond hair (worn in a bun) and blue eyes, sitting on a couch and pursing her lips in an exaggerated manner. She wears a black t-shirt and fuchsia lipstick.]

So, sometimes I like to wear makeup. This is not exactly news, I know.

In this photo, I am wearing Urban Decay’s Trainwreck lipstick, which is BRIGHT FUCHSIA, and it has glitter in it. I should note that I am not wearing any other makeup here, hence the wonky left eyebrow and skin unevenness. After I first bought this lipstick, I was kind of afraid to wear it in public because it is SO BRIGHT on my lips. I feel like someone, at some point, may come up to me and say, “That lipstick is too bright for your lips! Wear something more neutral.” (This may or may not be followed by an invasive question about my cane, because people commenting on someone’s appearance tend to pull that kind of shit, at least in my experience.)

To which I say: This is the only bright lipstick shade that I own, and I usually have issues with my lips in that I think they are too big and/or “out there.” That feeling seems to take a backseat when I wear this lipstick. Sometimes I just want to say, “MY LIPS ARE BIG AND THEY ARE COVERED IN BRIGHT FUCHSIA LIPSTICK, DAMMIT. OH, AND I WALK WITH A CANE BECAUSE I HAVE A DISABILITY, SO YOU CAN TAKE YOUR JUDGMENT AND SHOVE IT.”

I am not sure what walking with a cane and wearing bright lipstick have to do with each other. Maybe they have nothing to do with each other. But I will apologize for neither, and, in some way, I may be further inching toward accepting myself just a little more.

[Originally posted on my Tumblr]

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2 thoughts on “Wearing fuchsia lipstick: Not the apex of self-acceptance, but it helps

  1. Great post! And great lipstick!

    I love really dark or bright/attention-grabbing lipstick: fire-engine red, plum, white, bronze, black, etc. Usually something in the super dark/bright red category.

    My opinion on makeup is that there is no point in me trying to attain “a natural look” with makeup because if I want natural, voila! My naked face is natural. Makeup is for fun, so it might as well be noticed!

    Seriously, when I developed MCS, one of the most upsetting losses for me was lipstick, which is saying a lot, considering how much I lost.

    Eventually, I found some safe makeup (yay!) but they don’t make lipstick, but they sell lip gloss, and some you can get quite dark and apply heavily. That made me so happy.

    Usually, even on the rare occasion I want to enjoy the way I look, I can’t wear lipstick, because a mask over nose and mouth + lipstick/makeup is a baaaad combo.

    I think your lips are gorgeous and your lipstick is gorgeous. Enjoy your fuchsia lips!

  2. […] of course, but if some jackass is going to stare at me because I am moving through the world while being disabled and a woman and such, I might as well go out on some days with my bright eyeshadow on because it enhances something that […]

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