Quick Hit: Jesse Sykes fan art

I spilled tea on a drawing I was doing for Jesse Sykes (whose music you should check out, and whose concert I will most likely be attending tomorrow night!) and, in the spirit of the lemons/lemonade thing, decided to just go with it (click for big):

In case anyone was wondering, the type of tea spilled here was Blood Orange.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Jesse Sykes fan art

  1. CoRri says:

    It actually looks like it’s supposed to be like that. :o)

  2. CoRri says:

    That was supposta be a smiley face but wordpress changed it.

  3. […] musicians is fairly well-documented — among them Tori Amos, Alanis Morrissette, Nina Simone, Jesse Sykes, and many, many others — so that argument will not fly with me. In my view, the whole […]

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